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Best Car Batteries to Use in Cold Weather

The temperature is falling, and we are about to enter the deep freeze here in Edmonton. Car batteries can be damaged by frigid weather. If you are going outside to start your car, you want it to be running so that you don’t get stuck in the freezing cold. The best car batteries for cold weather can give your car the power to start through another Alberta winter.

Here are some tips about what to look for when buying a cold-weather battery for your car.

For Cold Cranking Amps, check out this link.

Cold Cranking Amps, also known as CCA, is a rating for vehicle batteries that determines their ability to start engines in cold temperatures. The Cold crank rating refers to the amps that a 12-volt lithium-ion battery can deliver at temperatures below -18 Celsius (or 0 Fahrenheit) over 30 seconds and at a voltage of not less than 7.2 volts.

CCA ratings are essential in Edmonton’s winter conditions. It will reduce the life of your battery if your car freezes every time it is started in the cold. A good cold crank, higher starting power and longer battery life will give your car a great performance. If you don’t know what CCA rating your vehicle requires, we can help you figure it based on your particular vehicle and any accessories that may be required.

You should consider the reserve capacity.

Another rating worth considering is the reserve capability (RC) of a lithium-ion battery. It is the amount of time that a battery charged at around 26 degrees Celsius (80 Fahrenheit), will discharge 25 amps before the battery drops below 10.5V. The RC rating of a battery is essentially a rating.

Pick a battery type.

There are many different types of battery available, and some are better than other. We will cover the main features of three most well-known battery designs.

Standard-sized flooded battery:This kind of lead-acid flooded battery is able to power an electrical system and provide reliable starting. This may not be the right choice for you if you need a high level of vibration resistance or your vehicle is more electrically demanding.

AGM battery:AGM is a nice upgrade to the regular lead-acid batteries. They offer reliable starting power and good vibration resistance. AGM is a smart option.

SPIRALLCELL Battery:The OptimaSPIRALLCELL design car battery is ideal for cold conditions and high performance. The downside is that it can be more expensive than a standard vehicle and can take up more space. The investment is worthwhile if it gives you the confidence to start your car in any weather. It has all the features of an AGM but can withstand severe use. SPIRALLCELL batteries are the best option if you own a lot of aftermarket accessories, and want your vehicle to run smoothly.

Size is everything.

It is important to choose the right size, terminal locations, dimensions and other details for your car when buying a car battery. Your car’s make, model, and engine type will determine the group size of your battery. Your owner’s manual contains all of this information. Revolution Motors might be able assist you in finding out if your car can accommodate more than one size of battery.

Additional tips on how to buy the best car batteries for cold weather.

It’s important to ensure that your car battery is the right type and design. Also, make sure it has enough cold crank power to handle the weather. These are some other ways you can ensure that your car’s winter battery lasts:

  • Revolution Motors is a reliable mechanic who will inspect your car’s batteries regularly.
  • Keep your battery clean if corrosion occurs near the terminals. You can also get a non-corrosive battery.
  • You should carefully review the warranty information for your battery. Even the best car battery for cold weather can go out of business. However, warranty can cover them.

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