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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention in Cars

Carbon monoxide poisoning is possible if a source of carbon dioxide is found in enclosed spaces such as a garage, home, or car. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when carbon monoxide is not visible or smelled. This means that people exposed to it may not feel or be able detect its effects until it is too late. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to brain damage and even death.

You may have seen the recent deaths in Alberta from carbon monoxide poisoning of a vehicle. Your car produces a lot of carbon monoxide so you need to take steps to minimize your exposure. Your vehicle’s exhaust system and engine can be kept in top condition to reduce or even eliminate the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.

These tips will help you and your family avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Make sure to check the exhaust system of your car

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be caused by any leaks in the exhaust system. You won’t know if something is wrong if it doesn’t make any noise. We will inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system if you visit us for a vehicle inspection or service . Revolution Motors has the expertise and certification to repair your vehicle.

Get a vehicle tune-up

Older cars may store more carbon monoxide that newer vehicles, so it is important to maintain them in top shape. Most new vehicles have an emissions system that reduces carbon monoxide levels. Carbon monoxide can build up in your car’s engine if this system is not working correctly. Regular service will detect these problems and can fix them before they become a problem.

Get a new beater

Open holes in your vehicle’s undercarriage that allow you to see the road through them could indicate exhaust fumes. You are likely to be sitting in traffic if you commute to Edmonton. This is even more dangerous if your vehicle has a leaky exhaust. Don’t risk it. Replace your car as soon possible. There could be carbon monoxide poisoning.

Be Watchful When You Drive Your Car

Garages are not safe places for cars. Even if the garage doors are left open, carbon monoxide levels in the garage could pose a danger to your car and make it unsafe for you. Carbon monoxide poisoning can still occur if you roll up your windows and keep the car inside an enclosed area.

Make sure your tailpipe is not blocked if you park your car outside and it isn’t covered with snow or backed into snowbanks. It should not be partiallyblocked. Otherwise, the exhaust can flood the area between your car’s ground and enter your vehicle.

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