Make it safe for your family this winter with vehicle repairs in January

Revolution Motors will provide vehicle repair and service for a family in need during the holiday season. We are inviting the public and customers to nominate a family in need of our assistance for December. This will allow us to ensure that their vehicle is safe, and provide any pending or immediate repairs or service (up to a maximum value of $2000). The winning family will be announced in January, so they can enter 2019 with a reliable and safe vehicle.

Joel, the owner of Revolution Motors Edmonton, says that the idea was born out of a desire to give back to the community using the talents and gifts we have been given. “We fix cars. That’s our deal. I want to be in a position to help people with that ability.”

We are a family-owned company and our goal in serving other families in an industry we are passionate about is to help them. We were determined to help people in the industry by being honest and giving our customers all information about what is required for their vehicles.

Revolution Motors is committed to vehicle safety. Joel explains, “Unfortunately we have heard of many accidents over the years that could have been prevented.” Joel says, “I don’t want any family putting their lives at risk simply because they can’t afford winter tires or repairs.”

Although it’s common for companies in this sector to claim that they are honest and trustworthy, Revolution Motors puts that honesty into practice. While we do things differently and it has worked well for growing our business, we wanted to do more than just serve the business. We wanted to help the community and give back.

Joel says that Joel has always wanted to use his talents to help others going through difficult times. It can be difficult to have a reliable vehicle, especially in this area. So it was logical to give that gift.

From now through December 31, 2018, we will accept nominations from deserving families who are in greatest need. After the Christmas break, we will notify the chosen family and schedule an appointment for vehicle repairs and/or service.

Joel says, “I would love for this family to not have to think about their vehicle from an repair standpoint in 2015.” That means they can repair or replace any vehicle in their vehicle within the next year.

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