Meet the Mantheys: Our Winning Family

We decided late last year that we would provide vehicle repair and service to a family in need. We issued a request for nominations and, after reading the story of the Manthey family, knew that this was the family who needed our assistance.

Two years ago, Taylor Manthey’s teenage son was diagnosed with Rasmussen’s Encephalitis. This was a bad turn for the Manthey family. This rare brain disease can cause chronic debilitating seizures and even death.

After many failed treatments, Taylor’s family decided to have a hemispherectomy. This brain surgery would take out half of Taylor’s brain. The surgery prevented the spread of the disease and stopped the seizures from occurring. His recovery was a success.

Although the seizures stopped, Taylor is still unable to control his right side and has trouble speaking. Although he is making progress and working hard to recover, the medical bills continue to mount. Taylor has many needs that aren’t covered by insurance.

These medical expenses have overtaken other costs, such as repairs and maintenance of the truck.

Owen Manthey shares, “My truck required a lot repairs and I wasn’t sure how we would pay for them all.” “I took it to another shop 8 months ago, and they did an inspection. The list was extensive. The safety issues were taken care of, but the rest were left unattended.

It required extensive repairs to its steering and suspension systems. Revolution Motors’ parts suppliers generously donated the necessary parts, while our technicians contributed their time and expertise to the repairs.

Manthey said, “This was the answer to our prayers.” “I use the truck to commute to work, and it’s essential to provide for my family. It handles like a new vehicle now that it has been fixed!

Revolution Motors’ team decided to offer the Help A Family in Need program. This allowed us to utilize our skills and capabilities to help people in the community. It can be difficult to have a vehicle that works in this area. Our auto shop was able to give back in a meaningful way to both ourselves and to those going through difficult times. For people who just need a reliable, safe vehicle to make their lives easier.

Revolution Motors will offer family vehicle repairs and services up to a maximum value of $2,000 this spring. We will accept stories and nominations starting March.

It’s amazing that they do this to give back to their community. Joel, the owner of Revolution Motors, was not interested in me asking him what I could do to promote his business and pay him back. Owen says that he was happy to help someone in need. Owen also said that the biggest lesson for him was that it is contagious to pay it forward. It makes someone want to help someone else. Soon, there will be so many people helping one another that the world becomes a better place.

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