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Tips to improve fuel economy

You might be concerned about rising fuel costs if you are driving this summer. There are many ways to improve your fuel economy. However, it is important to maintain your vehicle. How to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy by taking care of it:

Check your tire pressure.

Low tire pressure can cause rolling drag, which will result in your engine burning more fuel. Check your tires pressure every month, and before you go on long road trips. You’ll pay more for fuel if your tires are too low.

Service your fuel injectors.

Faulty fuel injectors can cause fuel to not be delivered to your engine at the correct time or not at all. This can reduce fuel economy and can lead to engine failure if not fixed.

Bad diesel truck fuel economy can be a sign that your fuel injector is having trouble. If the engine isn’t getting the fuel it needs, the injector will continue to deliver fuel unnecessarily. Hydrolocking a fuel cylinder can lead to engine failure. This can also cause piston failure, wash down the cylinder walls, or fill your crankcase with diesel, which can damage all internal parts. Regular service and inspection of your diesel fuel inject can catch any problems early and help ensure that your vehicle runs at its best.

Oil changes are important.

It is important that you give your vehicle an oil change and a regular oil change. You should also ensure you are using the recommended grade of motor oil by your truck or car manufacturer. Your vehicle’s specifications call for 5W-30 oil. If your vehicle uses 10W-30 oil, it could cause your engine to burn more fuel and make it less efficient. This could cause your engine to lose horsepower and reduce fuel economy.

Do not forget to change your air filter.

The air filter is a common car part that we forget about. However, if the filter is not changed when it is needed, your vehicle will fail the good fuel economy test. The manual of your vehicle will tell you how often it should be changed. If you drive on dusty roads, it will need to be changed more frequently.

Regular vehicle checks are available at your local dealership.

Regular check-ups can detect potential problems with your vehicle or diesel truck’s fuel economy. Revolution Motors’ experienced technicians will perform engine diagnostics in order to identify any potential problems and inspect spark plugs and fuel injectors. This will ensure that everything is running at its best. Your suspension will be checked for any loose parts and/or misalignment. This can reduce fuel efficiency. Find out more about our fuel filters.

Take a look at aftermarket performance kits.

You might have noticed that your truck doesn’t pass the fuel economy test and you’ve compared it to diesels with aftermarket kits. These kits will not only improve fuel economy by as much as 30% but also increase horsepower and engine performance.

Take a look at how you drive.

You’ll notice a significant difference in gas mileage if you compare an aggressive driver to someone who drives with fuel efficiency in their mind. You can use more fuel if you rev the engine, accelerate quickly, or idle the vehicle. You’ll increase fuel economy by driving steadily, using cruise control for long highway drives and reducing the vehicle’s load whenever possible.

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