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Tire Comparison: All Season vs. all-Weather vs. winter tires

It is a common task to swap out summer tires for winter tires in Alberta. But there seems to be more options than just making a simple change. There are many tire companies that make all-season tires and all-weather tires. But which tires are best for winter driving in Edmonton?

This tire comparison will assist you in making your decision.

All-Season Tires

To be honest, all-season tires are three-season tires. These tires are fine for spring, summer and fall, but they don’t work well when the temperature drops and snowflies. All-season tires have a more straight and smoother tread than winter and all-weather tires. They can grip the road well in hot and moderate weather, and they can repel water when it rains. However, they don’t have enough grip or rubber to handle significant snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

All-Weather Tires

Although all-weather and all season may seem to be the same thing, they are different. As confusing as these names can seem, all-weather tires can perform better in shoulder seasons than all-season. There are sections of the tire treads that are more straight than others, and there are also some that are more blocky like winter tires. These tires can be used in milder winter conditions and are basically a mix of all-season and winter tires. We recommend winter tires because Edmonton’s winters can be quite cold.

Winter Tires

Do I need winter tires? If you are from Alberta, yes. All-weather tires can be better than all-seasons tires, but winter tires are the best and most reliable. Winter tires will have thicker, more aggressive treads, which are best for driving in snow, slush and water. Slushy snow can pass right through these grooves, providing maximum traction.

These tires are also softer and can be used on cold days to give you the best grip on ice. On cold days, the all-season and all-weather tires’ harder rubber will slide on the roads. While winter tires offer good grip, the soft rubber will eventually wear quickly if they are used in hot weather. This is why winter tires should be changed to summer tires in spring.

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