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Why use the Flo Pro Exhaust Kit

The exhaust system removes used air from your engine and replaces it with fresh air. The smoother the combustion process is, the more efficient the fuel efficiency, horsepower and overall performance. Performance exhaust kits allow for more fresh air to be infused, ensuring that everything runs better.

The Flo Pro Exhaust Kit is the best choice for performance exhaust kits that produce maximum horsepower and torque. You’ll get more power out of your diesel truck and enjoy the increased fuel economy. Flo Pro products are ideal for diesel enthusiasts who love the sound of their engines roaring.

Revolution Motors is a leader in aftermarket parts for Dodge Cummins, GMC Duramax and Ford Powerstroke diesel trucks. To improve exhaust performance, we use the Flo Pro Exhaust Kit. Here’s why:

Flo Pro uses durable materials.

Flo Pro Exhaust Kits are made of high-quality 16ga bent steel. You have the option of stainless steel or aluminum exhaust systems. They also modified their manufacturing process to ensure that your exhaust can withstand heavy use and time. They are resistant to rust and won’t break down.

Turbo flanges are an example of such a product. All of them are machine-made and welded using a CNC lathe. Flared-out pipes are also available in older models of performance exhaust systems. Flared-out designs can cause excessive expansion, separation, and even pipe failure. Flo Pro’s heavy duty flange will take care of that.

Flo Pro has paid attention to details.

The pipe-hanger is a problem with many aftermarket performance exhaust systems. The majority of the kits are made with a straight hanger, which is tack-welded directly to the pipe. Pre-welded hangers that are less than 1 inch thick will often break off and cause damage to your exhaust pipe.

Flo Pro solved this problem by bending and contouring the hanger to fit the pipe. They then weld the hanger on both ends, giving it a double 5–6 inch weld that will not fail. The hangers are also made to factory specifications. No matter what truck you have, the hangers will be in the best place to install.

You get a lot for your buck.

Flo Pro Exhaust Kits are a cost-effective option for your diesel truck. These kits will fit perfectly on your truck and provide a richer exhaust tone and sound level that you will love to hear. Flo Pro is the best option for anyone looking for a reliable, affordable, and high-performing aftermarket exhaust system.

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